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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Stalker, May 18, 2017.

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    Take your clothes off, get in this aeroplane, pick a spot on a huge open map, jump out and fight another 99 people to the death using only things you find on the ground. No its not a holiday in Wales it's the standalone version of the Arma mod Battle Royale, by Player Unknown. Starting more or less from scratch on the UT4 engine the small Dev team have produced something that well... Think back, when was the last time you bought a PC, First person shooter and thought "WOW, this is going to be BIG!"? For many here it was probably Battlefield 2, some would say CoD4 and others DayZ mod, This easily sits comfortably in such good company.

    Currently three player modes;
    Solo - as you would expect, its you against 99 other players.
    Duo - you and a buddy go head to head against 49 other couples.
    Squad - 4 players against 24 other squads trying to be the last standing

    All three modes are brought to a dramatic climax by the ever decreasing play zone, driving you to a random end game on the map crowded with god knows how many other players. Insane is one way to describe, intense is probably more accurate.

    The future holds public servers, mod support, new maps, new game modes (WAR Mode has been mentioned by the dev team), new clothes, new guns and continued optimisation, all on the back of over 2 million sales in the first few months of sale.

    The game is currently early access but it plays better than most released titles. There isn't really much more to be said other than buy it, get on Discord and play it with us.

    To join us on Discord;
    The game is available form several sources such as Steam and Greenmangaming. Some live action can be seen from many of the available twitch streamers HERE
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  2. Shadowhelo

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    Nothings like a holiday in Wales, Even when its sunny its raining here...
  3. -_-

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    How's it playing then lads, is it a stayer or early doors
  4. silentkiller2

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    Really good game, just needs a little tweeking & polish.
  5. Penn

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    I could remember how to publish this to the front page i would !
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    It has been you mong :D

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